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Collaborative Condition Monitoring

Do less, achieve more.

What We Do

We detect changes in the operation of your equipment with real-time machine health monitoring.

We provide 24/7 insight AND detailed diagnostic and visualisation tools, so you can make informed decisions, and never miss a thing.

What We Enable

Centralise your communication, and make working with your team effortless.
Make informed, data-driven maintenance and scheduling decisions. 

Easily identify opportunities for improvement.

Extend the lifecycle of your assets, and feel good about your work.


FitMachine Sensor

Smart Sensors

Our condition-monitoring devices monitor vibration, acoustics, temperature, power usage and more! Installed in minutes, our sensors make remote condition monitoring a reality.

FitMachine Dash On Laptop and Tablet.gif

The MachineCloud Dashboard

Our online platform that provides 24/7 access to your equipment health data. Here you can view your entire asset fleet's health at a glance or drill down into the behaviour of individual machines.

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Tailored 1:1 Support

We provide personalised training and support free of charge. Our dedicated Customer Success team works with you on an ongoing basis to help you define and achieve your goals. 



FitPower Drop Shadow.png


Coming this January is our new sensor, FitPower!


FitPower will be able to measure the current energy usage of your individual equipment to show trends over time and help you determine your energy costs and whether they could be improved.

We'll have limited quantities available at launch, so register your interest below to learn more!


About Us

MOVUS was started by founders Brad Parsons, Michel Lamarre and John Gardner who had a vision of helping the world conserve its dwindling resources.

Over 2.3 billion electric motors in modern industry consume 43% of the world's electricity. At MOVUS our goal is to help industry make their machines run fitter and as you've no doubt guessed, fit machines will use significantly fewer resources.


We at MOVUS are a group of passionate individuals working closely as a team to do what many think is impossible - change how industry works to help save the planet.  If you feel as passionately as we do about changing the world, join us as a customer, partner or member of our team. 


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Head Office

MOVUS Australia Pty Ltd

112 Bowen St, Spring Hill QLD 4000, Australia


AU: +61 1300 031 115

US: +1 888 499 0272

UK: +44 1905 703022

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