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Increasing the Fitness of Your Machines to Run Longer and More Efficiently, Simply and Easily.

What We Do

  • We deliver real-time machine health monitoring, as a service.

  • We continuously watch your machines, so you don’t have to.

  • We make condition monitoring simple.

What We Enable

  • No more surprise breakdowns.

  • Maintain your machines when they need it, and extend the lifecycle of your assets.

  • Reduce planned downtime through continuous visibility.

  • Install remote monitoring in as little as 5 minutes.


1. The FitMachine Sensor

FitMachine Sensor Flat.gif

Our physical product. It's your 24/7 onsite eyes and ears, monitoring conditions like vibration, acoustics and temperature.

FitMachine Dash On Laptop and Tablet.gif

2. The MachineCloud Dashboard

Our digital product. Here you can receive alarms and dive into analytics, insights, and all the asset information you need. 

Chart Background 2.png

The Result? Turning Your Machines into Fit Machines.

Fit Machines are Better Machines. Period.

When assets are healthy and fit, there are fewer surprises and greater opportunities for increased utilisation. Our solution allows you to capitalise on these opportunities by utilising a platform that monitors and predicts equipment behaviour for you.

Eliminating Unplanned Downtime
Reducing Redundant Equipment Inspections
Tracking Your Asset Fitness 24/7


Improving Machine Health
Increasing Staff Safety
Integrating Data With Your Core Systems

We Help Machines Stay Fit for Purpose

All machines are not created equal. But we can help you take care of the equipment that matters most to your organisation.


FitMachine smart sensors can effectively monitor the behaviour of a wide range of fixed rotating assets. Take a look at our equipment list to see how we can support asset maintenance, no matter your industry.

Chart Background 1.png

Smart Technology to Increase Equipment Reliability

MOVUS services extend far beyond your standard condition monitoring. We offer:

  • Predictive Alerts

  • 24/7 Insight Into Equipment Behaviour

  • Monitoring Within Dangerous Environments

  • Enhanced Work Prioritisation

Our sensors, accessories, app and dashboard will help you better understand and better manage your assets.

Advice & Consultancy to Achieve Your Asset Fitness Targets

Equipment condition monitoring takes more than a set-and-forget approach. It's a continuous process of improvement to level up your asset performance management strategy. It helps to have support in this endeavour.


That's where our world-class Customer Success team comes in handy. MOVUS works with your organisation to help shape your APM strategy and achieve your goals. This approach has proven successful time and time again. View our range of case studies to see it in action.


About Us

MOVUS was started by founders Brad Parsons, Michel Lamarre and John Gardner who had a vision of helping the world conserve its dwindling resources. 


Over 2.3 billion electric motors in modern industry consuming 43% of the world's electricity. At MOVUS our goal is to help industry make their machines run fitter and as you've no doubt guessed, fit machines will use significantly less resources.


We at MOVUS are a group of passionate individuals working closely as a team to do what many think is impossible - change how industry works to help save the planet.  If you feel as passionately as we do about changing the world, join us as a customer, partner or a member of our team. 


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Head Office

MOVUS Australia Pty Ltd

112 Bowen St, Spring Hill QLD 4000, Australia

AU: +61 1300 031 115

US: +1 888 499 0272

UK: +44 1905 703022

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