FitMachine Dash

Your Asset Fitness Hub

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What is FitMachine Dash?

FitMachine Dash is our online platform that provides 24/7 access to your equipment health data.

Here you can view your entire asset fleet's health at a glance, or drill down into the behaviour of individual machines.

Track your asset fitness at your required rates with customisable intervals.

How does it work?

FitMachine Dash utilises AI and machine learning to establish an asset fitness baseline.


Using ambient condition data such as vibration, noise and temperature, FitMachine Dash will alert you instantly to changes in equipment state.

How does it help me?

FitMachine Dash helps you better understand your equipment behaviour, increase asset utilisation and optimise your operations/maintenance schedules with multi-dimensional reports.

You can:

  • Make informed decisions by leveraging FitMachine data to optimise processes.

  • Share information with key stakeholders easily and integrate FitMachine data with your core systems.

  • Gain peace of mind that you'll never miss equipment abnormalities again.

24/7 Equipment Insights

FitMachine Dash is ready and reporting critical data in minutes

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Access Critical Information Anywhere

Never be caught blind to your asset behaviour and enable informed operational decisions. 24/7 remote access and unlimited users ensure all stakeholders can access critical information when they need it.

Asset Fitness Data At Glance

Easy-to-understand widgets take your complex equipment condition data and enable quick comprehension. Instantly identify errant behaviour and the equipment that requires the most attention.

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When you need to dig into the details, FitMachine Dash has your back. Access the granular data you require to make the most informed decisions. Historical and live equipment behaviour patterns are available in a click.

Drill Down Into The Details


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Interactive FFT displays a customisable Fast Fourier Transform of the vibration signal collected by FitMachines, which can be used for fault diagnostics.

This chart can assist with preliminary fault identification, and help to determine which maintenance activities are likely to resolve the issue.


Three-dimensional plot charts whereby the frequencies of an asset over time are displayed simultaneously.

Interactive elements allow you to drill into the detail by zooming, rotating, panning, and changing the dates you are viewing. 

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Our platform is designed to streamline communication and help your team get on the same page.

Features such as user and equipment groups, mentions, and event feedback, allow you to keep your team, process, and event history organised.


Trigger advisories and alarm notifications for RMS and Temperature with adjustable thresholds. Receive alarms when the equipment enters its alarm state and returns to normal.

This is configurable by the user for individual assets, groups of assets or fleet-wide. 

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Each alarm comes with an alarm FFT, audio recreation at the time of the alarm, and an audio recreation of the equipment's condition during the learning period.

Alarm FFT is a representation of an FFT at the time of the alarm's generation. It shows an FFT as constructed by the MOVUS AI compared to a calibration FFT that it has determined during a machine's normal operating state. This feature can be used to assist in determining the next actions required to diagnose a potential or actual fault.

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