Services To Support Asset Fitness & Eliminate Downtime

MOVUS can serve as your equipment condition monitoring solution no matter your site conditions. With smart sensors and a powerful reporting tool, MOVUS enables true industrial transformation for organisations.

Asset Fitness Data Available in A Click

 FitMachine Dash is the platform for easily understanding asset behaviour at a glance, or drilling down into the detail. Enable informed operational decisions and leverage the 24/7 oversight provided by FitMachine. 

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Self Installed Smart Sensors. Reporting 24/7.

MOVUS FitMachine is our continuous condition monitoring device. These smart sensors can be installed on your equipment in minutes and provide critical condition data immediately. Make remote condition monitoring a reality.

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FitMachine Sensor
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FitMachine EX Sensor

Remote Monitoring for Dangerous Environments

The FitMachine EX is a smart sensor rated for the highest grade explosive environments. Never be blind to your equipment health whilst reducing the need for staff to operate in dangerous environments unnecessarily.

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