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The Solutions To Your Utilisation and Overall Equipment Efficiency Challenges

Manufacturers face many obstacles in their quest to make operations as efficient as possible. The most common challenges are increasing uptime, achieving full utilisation of assets and making the workplace as safe as possible.

Increase Uptime & Reduce Unplanned Downtime

Increasing uptime of equipment even in small percentages means solid gains in production and productivity.


Bettering metrics such as Mean Time To Repair, Mean Time Between Failures and Overall Equipment Efficiency can be achieved by understanding which assets require the most attention.

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24/7 Visibility of Equipment Condition

Simply having visibility of your equipment is a key step towards achieving your operational objectives. Without it, it's incredibly difficult for organisations to overcome common issues.


No matter your industry - without understanding asset fitness, you’re just playing a guessing game.

Reduce Staff Exposure to Hazardous Environments Not Your Ability To Monitor Assets 

FitMachine has been developed to support operations and maintenance teams no matter the environment.


Our smart sensor has been certified for safe operation in dangerous and explosive environments. That means teams can view equipment condition statuses without having to physically enter those spaces. Save time by eliminating redundant inspections and stay safe.

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Shift to Condition-Based Maintenance With Ease

Reactive and preventative maintenance leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to making the most of your assets and staff availability. Condition-based maintenance eliminates redundancies, aids in extending the asset lifecycle and prevents unplanned downtimes. With our smart sensors you can shift your maintenance approach with ease.

Maximise Productivity; Keep Assets Fit & Healthy

Optimising asset fitness pays dividends when it comes to energy efficiency, equipment life expectancy and uptime. Maintaining asset health for productivity gains is an ongoing challenge. Get the right tools to achieve your targets.

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Integrate equipment data into your tech stack

MOVUS FitMachine allows you to leverage your equipment condition data - no matter your core systems. Our platform is built to integrate with any CMMS or ERP.  Critical information is just waiting to be unleashed - make use of it!

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